Comparison Chart With Leading Accounting Software

India’s Top Accounting software
Manage Mod 750 Flats
Manage Mod 2500 Flats
Manage Mod 5000 Flats
Accounting Base Module Pack
₹21,000 (One Time)
Housing Society Add-on
₹14,000 (One Time)
Multi-user License
₹21,600 (Yearly)
Cloud Model Per Month
₹4,500 Per Month
3 Years Total Cost Ownership
₹ 1,97,400
₹ 8,997
₹ 14,997
₹ 23,991
Available on Devices
One Desktop/Laptop only
Pc/Tab/Mobile Access
Pc/Tab/Mobile Access
Pc/Tab/Mobile Access
*Add on Partner Support Charges Per Year
₹ 3,600 per year
*Add on SMS Module Activation Per Year
₹ 2,000 (₹0.20/SMS)
*Add on Email Module
Additional Cost
Mobile Application of Society Module
Payment Gateway Integration
Data Backup
Manual on external disk
On Cloud backup
On Cloud backup
On Cloud backup
Role Based Access
Only two session on installation
24*7 Support
24*7 Support
24*7 Support
Resource/Operator Required
Skilled Certified Resource
Data Entry Operator
Data Entry Operator
Data Entry Operator


Mobile-based application for societies to reduce the documentation and manual work in society. mSociety has the features of generating invoices and online payment options which reduces the management time. It also allows committee members to view real-time income expense reports universally.


Key Features


Expense Report

Cash flow reports are generated in real-time for management & analysis.

Auto Invoicing

The system will generate bills on a set date, which members receive via the mobile application.

Multi User

Can be accessed by multiple users at no extra cost.

Quick Glance Ledger

Every member can view & verify their account ledger.

Data Security

mSociety values your data and employs industry-leading infrastructure to manage and protect it.

Cloud Storage

Access your data anywhere anytime with cloud based platform.

Balance Sheet Reports

Balance sheet reports which can be accessed from anywhere

Paperless Operations

mSociety encourages completely paperless operations in order to digitize society management.

24x7 Support

A dedicated help desk available for any questions in regards to software.

Special Offers For Chartered Accountant.

₹ 2999/-yearly

Up to 750 Flats

Accounting Module.
Housing Society Add on.
Multi User License.
Cloud Storage.
24x7 Support.

₹ 4999/-yearly

Up to 2500 Flats

Accounting Module.
Housing Society Add on.
Multi User License.
Cloud Storage.
24x7 Support.

₹ 7999/-yearly

Up to 5000 Flats

Accounting Module.
Housing Society Add on.
Multi User License.
Cloud Storage.
24x7 Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about data security ?
Data is safely stored on cloud.
Can we upload multiple societies?
Yes, you can manage multiple societies depending the account you have.
Do you have multi user?
Yes, you can have multiple users.
This ERP Solution works in offline & online mode?
You need to be online for using Manage Mod ERP.
Is this a cloud base accounting solution?
Yes, the data is stored on secured cloud storage.
Can we manage Income & expenditure account from this will it include balance sheet?
Yes, you can manage income and expenditure account with trial balance and balance sheet and it's automatic.
Do we get mobile application?
Yes, you will have desktop, Tablet & mobile based applications where you can manage everything.
Can we send message or e-mail to society members related to outstanding bills?
Yes, you will have option to send notification in application, Via SMS and also through email.